In-house Researchers

Photo: Dina FonsecaDina Fonseca, Professor and Director Evolutionary Epidemiological Ecology

Photo: Andrea Egizi Andrea Egizi, Adjunct Assistant ProfessorMonmouth County Tick-Borne Disease Laboratory

Photo: Randy Gaugler Randy Gaugler, Distinguished Professor Insect Pathology and Biological Control

Photo: Brian Johnson Brian Johnson, Post-Doc Ecology and Control of Vector-Borne Diseases

Photo: George Hamilton George Hamilton, Professor Pest Management and Invasive Species

Photo: Sarwar Hashmi Sarwar Hashmi Molecular Biology

Photo: Peter Morin Peter Morin, Distinguished Professor Community Ecology

Photo: Dana Price Dana Price, Associate Research Professor Director of the Genome Cooperative Microbial eukaryote evolution, systematics, taxonomy and functional genomics

Photo: Lisa Reed Lisa Reed Ornithologist/Vector Surveillance

Photo: Mark Robson Mark Robson, Professor Public Health, Risk Assessment, and Pesticide Exposure

Photo: Yi Wang Dr. Yi Wang Mosquito Biology and Control



Associated Researchers

Photo: Ary FarajollahiAry Faraji Aedes albopictus biology/control, West Nile Epidemiology

Photo: placeholderBob Jordan Tick biology & control

Photo: Gordon Patterson Gordon Patterson Mosquito and Vector Control Historian

Photo: Jack Petersen Jack Petersen, Visiting Scientist Medical Entomology

Photo: Ilia Rochlin Ilia Rochlin Vector Ecology and Epidemiology

Photo: Manar Sanad Manar Sanad Visiting Scholar

Photo: Isik Unlu Isik Unlu Adjunct Assistant Professor Superintendent, Mercer County Mosquito Control

Photo: Greg Williams Greg Williams, Adjunct Assistant Professor Mosquito Control

Photo: Eric Williges Eric Williges, Essex County Mosquito ControlMosquito Control

Center for Vector Biology