Photo: Mousquito Larvae. Photo: Aedes japonicus and Aedes albopictus. Photo: Louse Fly.

The Birthplace of Vector Biology and Control

The Center for Vector Biology has been established to provide research and information for the citizens of New Jersey about insects and the diseases they transmit. The Center interprets and disseminates data collected by county agencies for surveillance of mosquito vectors and their infection rates for Eastern Equine and West Nile viruses. Population trends for state mosquitoes are reported on a weekly basis.

Working closely with mosquito professionals in all 21 counties, along with the New Jersey departments of Agriculture, Environmental Protection, and Health and Senior Services, the Center continues strong traditions forged in the early 1900's with the pioneering works of Professor J. B. Smith. This long standing research and control program marks Rutgers as the Birthplace of Mosquito Biology and Control.

Do mosquitoes transmit Covid-19? NO!

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