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Mosquito Movies

This page presents video clips of various mosquito behaviors. The clips were taken from an educational video tape created and filmed by Wayne J. Crans and Anthony A. DiEdwardo at Rutgers University. The clips are in *.avi (Microsoft Video for Windows) format. The purpose of these clips are to present mosquito behavior in a quick, relatively painless fashion, and therefore, I opted to create small, fast clips rather than large detailed clips.

Clip Size Behavior
larva.avi 271 k Aedes aegypti larva hatching from egg
emerge.avi 119 k Culex pipiens adult emerging from pupa. This clip is time-lapsed to reduce the size, with the original clip taking about 2 1/2 minutes.
drill.avi 892 k Aedes sollicitans inserting proboscis into host (* but see below).
fillup.avi 93 k This very fast clip is time-lapsed to show a mosquito filling her stomach with blood.
A diagram of a mosquito showing sheath and stylets.

* The clip shows a mosquito probing into the host from a full front pov. It appears that the entire proboscis goes into the host when in reality, the outer sheath is pushed away from the stylets, and remains entirely above the skin. The sheath cannot be seen in this video.