Worldwide Distribution Records for Ochlerotatus (Finlaya) japonicus (Theobald)

The following is a list of locations where the mosquito Ochlerotatus japonicus has been collected.  Note that prior to Reinert's revision of the genus Aedes in 2000, Ochlerotatus japonicus was known as Aedes japonicus.  Reference sources are provided in parentheses for each locality, as are links to websites and email addresses when available.  Asterisks (*) indicate introduced populations of Ochlerotatus japonicus that are outside of its native range in eastern Asia and Japan. Please see the accompanying list of annotated references for Ochlerotatus (Finlaya)japonicus for the complete journal citations.   

*CANADA: Quebec (Savignac et al. 2002.)

CHINA, Canton (Dyar 1921)

CHINA: Anhwei, Chekiang, Fukien, Kiangsi, Kwangtung (Feng 1938)

CHINA – southeast coast (Bohart 1946)

CHINA (Hsiao and Bohart 1946)

CHINA: Foochow (Knight 1968)

Eastern CHINA (Tanaka et al. 1979)

CHINA: coastal provinces north of 33º north latitude (Ching-Hua 1981)

HONG KONG (Knight 1968)

*FRANCE: Normandy (Schaffner and Chouin, in press)

JAPAN, Tokyo (Theobald 1901)

JAPAN (Bohart 1946)

JAPAN: Kyushu, Shikoku, Honshu, Nagasaki, Tokyo (Hsiao and Bohart 1946)

JAPAN: Nagasaki, Kyushu (Knight 1947)

JAPAN: “very common and widely distributed species was recorded in 822 larval collections taken over a wide range of geographical locations throughout Kyushu Honshu, and Hokkaido.  One hundred miles north of Tokyo… collections were made at altitudes of 4,000 feet” (p. 155, LaCasse & Yamaguti 1948)

JAPAN: Okayama District (Sasa et al. 1947)

JAPAN: Sakura, Chiba Prefecture (Hara 1957)

JAPAN: Honshu (Nakata 1962)

JAPAN: Hokkaido Sapporo; Honshu, Aomori Pref.; Kyushu Nagasaki Pref. (including Tsushima Is.); Nagasaki Pref.; Ryuku Isl., Iriomote-jima (Miyagi 1971)

JAPAN: Ryukyu Islands: Amami Gunto, Okinawa Gunto, and Sakishima Gunto (Tanaka 1971)

JAPAN: Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikkoku, Kyushu (Tanaka et al. 1979)

JAPAN: Oshima Prefecture (Sato et al. 1980)

JAPAN (Ching-Hua 1981)

JAPAN: Hiroshima and Imagane (Takashima et al. 1989)

JAPAN: Nagasaki City (Iriarte et al. 1991)

JAPAN: Kabeshima Island (500 miles off the coast of Yobuko-cho, Saga, Kyushu, JAPAN; 33 33’N, 139 53’E) (Sota et al. 1994)

KOREA, Cheju Island (Lee 1994)

KOREA: Cheju Is. (Miyagi 1971)

KOREA: Korean Peninsula and Cheju Do (Tanaka et al. 1979)

NORTH KOREA: Chaoxin (Ching-Hua 1981)

*NEW ZEALAND: Multiple interceptions at the Port of New Zealand since 1993; not yet established in NZ (Laird et al. 1994).

SOVIET FAR EAST (Chagin and Kondratiev 1943)

SIBERIA (Hsiao and Bohart 1946)

RUSSIA (Tanaka et al. 1979)

EASTERN SIBERIA (Ching-Hua 1981)

SOVIET UNION: “extreme south of Primorskiy Kray” (Gutsevich and Dubitskiy 1987)

FORMOSA (Bohart 1946)

FORMOSA (Hsiao and Bohart 1946)

TAIWAN: Chuchih (Tsai & Lien 1950 from Lien 1962)

TAIWAN: Taichung, Nan-tou and Hwalien Hsiens (Chow 1950)

TAIWAN: “very widely distributed throughout Taiwan proper and very common” (Lien 1962, p. 623)

TAIWAN: Taipei; Taitung (Miyagi 1971)

*UNITED STATES: Connecticut (Andreadis et al. 2001)

*UNITED STATES: Delaware (Chris Lesser, Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife, Mosquito Control Section, personal comm.)

*UNITED STATES: New Hampshire (Sarah MacGregor, Dragon Mosquito Control, Inc., personal comm.)

*UNITED STATES: New Jersey (Peyton et al. 1999)

*UNITED STATES: New York (Peyton et al. 1999)

*UNITED STATES: Maryland (Sardelis and Turell 2001)

*UNITED STATES: Maine (Foss and Dearborn 2001

*UNITED STATES: Massachusetts (MA Dept. of Public Health )

*UNITED STATES: Ohio (Berry, Richard.  1999.  AEDESJAPONICUS – USA (OHIO).  ProMED-mail 22-OCT-1999.  Archive number 19991022.1897.  <>.  Accessed 05 December 2002.)

*UNITED STATES: Pennsylvania (Sardelis and Turell 2001)

*UNITED STATES: Rhode Island (Alan Gettman, Mosquito Abatement Coordinator, Rhode Island Dept. of Environmental Management, personal comm.)

*UNITED STATES: Vermont (Graham and Turmel, 2001)

*UNITED STATES: Virginia (David N. Gaines, Virginia Dept. of Health -Office of Epidemiology, personal comm.; Harrison et al. 2002)

*UNITED STATES: Washington (Washington State Department of Health.  2002.  West Nile Virus Surveillance in Washington State. (

*UNITED STATES: West Virginia (Jim Amrine, Professor of Entomology, West Virginia University, personal comm.


Additions, comments, and errors should be sent to Jamie Scott. She is now at Lake County Mosquito Control in California.



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