Tick Avoidance

Information on Tick Bite Avoidance


Protecting Yourself

The most surefire way to prevent a tick borne disease is by preventing the tick from biting you in the first place.

Preventing tick bites (Centers for Disease Control)

Protecting Pets

Pets can also become sick from tick-borne diseases, or they can bring ticks into contact with your family. Use preventive products on them to kill ticks and prevent this from happening.

Safe Use of Flea and Tick Preventive Products (American Veterinary Medical Association)

Tick Control

Managing Exposure to Ticks on Your Property (Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station)

There are some landscaping techniques that can help to reduce tick exposure on your property. Chemical tick control (pesticide sprays) should be a last resort because they can also kill species of beneficial insects like butterflies and bees.

If you do hire a pest control specialist, read what you should ask them to make sure they are experienced in controlling ticks and follow appropriate procedures.


Center for Vector Biology